Name Change

Yep. We changed the name.

Through our entire time making music together, even dating back to 2013 when it was all garage playing, just having fun, we were always known as Klashing Black. The name came from a comment made by someone criticizing two different shades of black Kane wore one day. We changed the C in Clashing to a K so that the band name would have the same initials as we do: KB.

Along the way, our close fans, friends, and family consistently just called us KB. After 2017 when we began taking our music much more serious, we realized while traveling to countless new venues that we began to outgrow the old name. As we got to know people who were into our music, the initials felt much closer to US than the full name did. As time went along, KB just began to feel more synonymous with our music, mission, and overall vibe than the old name did.

However, we do have a connection with the name Klashing Black because of the amount of time we’ve used it, the amount of friends, family, fans, and fellow musicians that have embraced it with us along the way. So we see THE KB as a way to embrace who WE really are as musicians, while also paying homage to what we’ve done in our past (and the ‘THE’ is a cool addition, we think 😎)

Even though we are changing our band name, we’re still the same. Since we became a duo in 2017, we’ve been extremely proud of the work we’ve put out, and we can’t wait to continue to create new music for you guys.

Please be patient with us as we make the transition over the next weeks. We’ll keep you in the loop on updates as they come.

In the meantime, we want to thank everyone who’s supported us along the way, and want to ask you to keep up the support. We feel a lot of potential for growth coming within the near future, and wouldn’t want you to miss it.

Love you all!

Kyle & Kane